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Pigs Sanctuarys - nice places for pigs

Where pigs can be happy and live the life they are supposed to live: Pig Sanctuarys

Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Unfortuanetly most pigs don´t have a good live. They are actually often treated really bad. And they are suffering just like humans. They have the conscience of 5 year olds. But luckily there are some places, far away from industrial production, where pigs are really happy: Pig Sanctuarys. In places like this they can live just as they like and are treated really good.

In the United States there is the Pigs Peace Sanctuary, a place where pigs can live in peace and happiness. :) You can check out their website. They have heart-warming stories about the pigs that came there. I also love the names and the portraits of the pigs. Too cute. ♥

Clara, a happy lifely pig with a cat. She is always
helping another pig, that was born blind.

Happy places like this exist all over the world (altough they could and should be a lot more!). For example in Germany there is Gut Streiflach, a haven for old and endangered animals, where pigs live a happy life. 

One pig came there for example, because she was a price at a lottery. But the girl who got the pig didn´t know what to do with it, so it came to the sanctuary. Another pig, called Bomber, was living for a long time only in a house. So he was really clean and not used to bath in the mud. That was a problem: the mud usually protects the pigs from the sun. So Bomber always got a sunburn in sunny weather. Therefore the guys from Gut Streiflach had to give him sunscreen.

Pig Emily having sleeping peacefully. :) (source)

I hope there will be more pig sanctuarys and happy places for pigs in the future! It´s just something we owe these wonderful creatures! 

Pigs Sanctuarys - nice places for pigs

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