Sonntag, 18. März 2018

A moving story of a cat and a pig - eine rührende Geschichte von Schwein und Katze

 Eine schöne Geschichte gefunden auf the Shanghaiist:

The cat and the pig are good friends. One day, the cat fell into a huge hole, and the pig came to her rescue with some rope, the entire length of which he threw promptly into the hole. The cat cried out, "Now how on earth are you going to pull me up?" The pig replied, "Then what should I do?" The cat said, "Well you should be pulling one end of the rope, of course!" The pig then jumped into the hole, held on to one end of the rope, and said to the cat, "Now we're talking!" The cat began to weep. She wept bitter tears, but they were tears of joy. Some friends are not very smart, but they're worth keeping for life.

「猫和猪是好朋友。一天猫掉进大坑,猪拿来绳子,猫叫猪把绳子扔下来,结果它整捆扔下去。猫郁闷地说:这样你怎么拉我上去?!猪说:不然怎么做?猫 说:你应该拉住一头绳子啊!猪就跳下去,拿了绳子的一头说:现在可以了!猫哭了,哭得很幸福。 有种朋友不是很聪明,却值得你终生拥有。」

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