Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Even more cat and pig pictures!

This post is in English, because so many guests speak English. :)

Kitty and Pig are so cute together! These two animals are really good friends. They live together on a farm and always play together. Altough there are many other pigs this cat only goes to her special pig. So cute! ♥
cat and pig are best friends

animal friendship: pig and cat

Kitty sitting on back of a pig.

funny story with pig and cat

little kitten rides a pigglet
yes, I want to ride the piggy! (source)
kitten and piggy in a box
source: with a few more cat and pig pictures

cat and pig on the sofa
this is my all-time favourite! (source with pics of unusual pairs)

cat and pig relaxing! (source)
Kitty cleans piggy! (source)

classic print of my two favourite animals
so cute! (source)

This pig is a hero!
He saved a cat from a fire!
The story of this remarkable pig goes like this: "Three days after a fire blazed through a New Hampshire farm on Sept. 6, the only thing more devastating than the physical damage was the presumed death toll: 14 horses and three cats.

But if there was someone who hadn't lost hope, it was Colby, the farm's 1,000-lb. pig.

After breakfast, the Bedford, N.H., Perry Hill Farm mascot, characteristically slow and sluggish, started wandering into the woods nearby.

"She was on a mission," her caregiver and farm owner Harriet Finks, who followed the pig, tells "For her, it was quite a distance."

The 9-year-old pig, sniffing around the woods, led her caregivers to Gumbo, one of the cats they never found after the fire.

"He would have died out there," Finks said. "Now we have him back."" Click here for the source.

And last but not least a video about a cat and a little pig

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